I am MinThu and I am proud to be your Local Hero in Myanmar. I have been working in tourism for almost four years, and travelling around my country has given me a chance to know about lots of things that this beautiful country has to offer.

My favorite meal is Mohinga, a traditional food combination of rice noodle and fish soup. It mainly include chick-pea and fish, and also garlic, onions, ginger, fish sauce, and served with rice noodle. You can add crispy friend gourd, crispy fried onions, boiled duck egg or at fried minced fish ball. You can find everywhere in the country. It is available throughout the day, and I usually have it for breakfast.

I spend my free time in different ways. When I’m alone at home, I love to read, cook my favorite food, watch movies, and listening to music. When I got chance to go out, I love to walk around, sit at coffee shop with my close friends.. It’s really fun!

Travelling makes me happy. When I travel, I get new experiences, I become to know new customs, new people, different life styles of different races. I believe it’s very important to see the world and different cultures. It let us open our minds to new things and we get to experience life in exiting different ways.

When I travel from north to south I take lots of photos: our country is a photographer’s paradise.  I like to capture the smiles of the people, the beautiful nature, and experience the rural life in traditional towns where time appears to have stopped.

I hope to see you here in Myanmar, it’s a dream destination for real travelers. And you are very welcome. Thanks for hanging with me on this and see you soon.

Min Thu

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I am Min Thu and I am proud to be your Local Hero in Myanmar. I have been working in tourism for four years. Travelling all over the country has given me the chance to know a lot.

Ours is a country full of culture and unspoilt nature. We, the youth, are open-minded, easy going and eager to get in contact with visitors: it is easy to go local, visit a community, and wander off the beaten track.

I hope to see you in Myanmar, it’s a dream destination for real travelers. And you are very welcome: remember, in our language there is no word for ‘tourist’ only one word: ‘guest’.

Happy travelling,

Min Thu


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Myanmar rondreis familieavontuur

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Toch alles op tijd

8 september 2018, Jos Ketelaar

De aanvraag verliep allemaal zeer soepel en naar wens. Er is voldoende rekening gehouden met onze wensen en ter plekke waar gemaakt. We waren laat waardoor we niet alle reisbescheiden van te voren konden ontvangen. Uiteindelijk is dit in Yangoon overhandigd. We zijn heel tevreden, alles en iedereen was perfect op tijd, leuke gidsen, vriendelijke mensen, kortom het was perfect.

Myanmar was prachtig

5 juli 2018, Arend Jan en Mathijs, Ede

Hallo Veerle, we zouden je nog even laten weten hoe het is geweest. Nou, helemaal top hoor. We hebben zelf ook al met Min Thu gemaild, hij was helemaal blij :)
We vonden Birma minder toeristisch dan we gedacht hadden, nou ja behalve bij Bagan dan. Pinnen kun je tegenwoordig overal. De leren handgemaakte slippers uit Min Thu's aangeraden fabriekje in Pakkoku lopen heerlijk.