De OV-fiets in China

Stella 19 april 2017 China Reistips

I am sure you once had the same problem in your life. When you wanted to go somewhere, you had to walk for 20 minutes to the nearest bus station, and after you got off the bus, you had to walk 15 minutes to your destination. I used to come across this problem frequently until someday I noticed that bikes in different colors were standing everywhere on the streets!

Bike sharing

It is the Bike-Sharing Program. Many different companies are running it. Each company will paint its bikes into their own color. Now, you can see red, yellow, blue, green bikes on the streets!

Very easy

It is very easy to use the bikes. First, you download an app into your smart phone, create an account and put some deposit (some companies do not require this). Then, open the first page, and you could see your location, and the bikes around you on a map. Find the nearest one, scan the QR Code, then the lock is open and you could start to use it! The whole process only takes you a few seconds. The cost is also different for different companies, but they are all very cheap, usually 1RMB(€0,13)/hour. 

No worry anymore

I like this program so much because I do not need to worry about the distance between my home and the bus station anymore! Come to my hometown, and I will definitely take you to have a try!

Ook naar China reizen? Bekijk dan onze China voorbeeldreizen. Wie weet kun je zelf dan ook wel gebruik maken van deze fietsen, net als de locals.

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