Eat the local way; rice, rice and rice

Evy 10 december 2018 Java & Bali Reistips, Eten

Altijd al willen weten wat de Indonesiër eet voor ontbijt, lunch and avondeten? Rijst, ja klopt. Maar niet 3x hetzelfde. Onze Local Hero in Indonesië vertelt je hier meer over. Ook legt ze uit wat hun motto "4 healthy, 5 perfect" betekent. 

Local Hero Indonesië: "A visit to Indonesia is not only about the beautiful scenery and cultural richness. It is also about enjoying the delicious culinary experience. You will always be amazed by the various kinds of Indonesian foods in every province you visit".

Daily rice meal

Local hero: "Indonesians eat rice as their daily meal, three times a day. Yes, three times. You might be surprise with this and wondering how Indonesian people could eat that such high carbohydrate in the morning. But that’s how we are. Most of us eat a complete big meal with rice in the morning, but there are also people who choose to eat lighter meal on breakfast".

Local Breakfast in Indonesia

Local hero: "The common breakfast menu in Indonesia is Nasi Goreng (fried rice), Mie Goreng (fried noodle), Bubur Ayam (chicken porridge), Nasi Uduk (coconut milk rice), or Mie Ayam (chicken noodle). But in some provinces in Indonesia, they also have their own authentic breakfast menu. Eating bread or cereal in the morning is less common for Indonesians".

Indonesian lunch and dinner

Local hero: "Also at lunch and dinner we eat rice as a big meal. And Indonesians know it so well. Lunch and dinner menu could be anything, like rice (of course), sautéed veggies, chicken/beef/fish/eggs, soup, and etc. You must have heard about Beef Rendang. It is one of Indonesian famous foods. It made of beef meat cooked in a thick coconut milk with herbs and chili. It takes several hours to cook Rendang to make it soft, tender and juicy". 

Chicken is favorite

Local hero: "Chicken (which is ayam in Indonesian) is another favorite menu as well for Indonesians. In Bali, you can find the famous Ayam Betutu, chicken with fresh chili sambal and several kinds of ornaments to enjoy together. In Jogjakarta, you will find Nasi Gudeg - a mix rice with beef, chicken, egg, sautéed jackfruit, tempe, and sambal – display on a piece of banana leaf as your plate. Nasi Gudeg is slightly sweet. So, if you are afraid of Indonesian sambal (famous with its HOTness), you can try Nasi Gudeg".

4 Healthy, 5 Perfect

Local hero: "Indonesians have a motto for daily meal as "4 healthy, 5 perfect". The 4 Healthy consist of carbohydrates main meal (rice, noodle, potato or bread), animal proteins (beef, chicken, fish, or egg), veggies vitamins, and fruits vitamins. And number 5 is for milk. So it means if we could fulfill 4 kinds of those specified foods in our daily life, it’s good for our health and even perfect if we could drink milk as well". 

So, now you got an idea of what food you will try once you are in Indonesia? Don’t think too much about it, just come and experience it yourself! Check my "Java and Bali rondreizen" and "Sumatra & Sulawesi" for inspiration and ask me anything you want, so I can help you planning your own roundtrip to Indonesia. 

See you soon in Indonesia.

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